Nonin O2 Soft Sensor for Wrist Ox MEDIUM

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Nonin O2 Soft Sensor for Wrist Ox

The WristOx2 Soft Sensor line is a great choice for long-term wear over the standard finger-clip style sensors. Made of soft, latex-free rubber that conforms to the shape of a finger or toe, the Soft Sensors are comfortable to wear for extended periods. Ideal for stress testing, short-term  monitoring, spot-checking and sleep studies, the Soft Sensors also cut out ambient light interference to help you get faster more accurate  readings. They are also a great choice for at home patients who are being monitored continuously.

Product Features

  • Soft, comfortable sensors well suited for spot check and continuous monitoring
  • Durable, latex-free construction and easy to maintain with rubbing alcohol
  • Conforms to finger shape to help eliminate ambient light interference for more accurate results
  • Suitable for all types of environments, from ambulatory use to sleep studies and home care
  • year manufacturer warranty

Thicknesses from 10mm to 19mm (0.4" to 0.75")

Size: Medium

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