Redmond REAL SALT- 2 oz.

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Redmond REAL SALT- 2 oz.

  • Ancient sea salt with natural trace minerals.
  • Ingredients : Mineral rock salt.
  • Country of origin : USA
  • Kosher
  • Gluten free

You may not realize it but many of the most popular brands on the market add as many as 14 ingredients that are listed by the FDA as potential chronic health effects. We think that natural sea salt is good enough so we didn’t add anything. And that’s all you get is salt along with the natural trace minerals that mother nature saw fit to include like: Calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, manganese, copper, zinc. And the results is the best tasting salt you have ever had.

RealSalt's incredible taste is truly unique and something only Mother Nature could create.

Sodium is best when paired with potassium which occurs naturally, along with about 60 other trace minerals, in Real Salt. 

Refined salt lacks minerals and causes acidosis (lowered pH). Our bodies were meant to function optimally with adequate mineral levels and adequate salt intake. Only the use of unrefined salt can provide both of these factors.

Because it is unrefined, Real Salt contains several essential mineral electrolytes that improve hydration, without the refined sugar and questionable food dyes found in the sports drinks on the supermarket shelves. Electrolytes also assist in muscle contraction and nerve impulses due to the electric energy they create in the body.

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