ThyroChek Thyroid Testing - 20/box

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ThyroChek Thyroid Testing

Knowing who's not hypothyroid lets you make timely decisions in your office, saving you and your patients time and money.

A rapid test for elevated TSH, the first clinical indicator of hypothyroidism. ThyroChek requires a drop of blood, with results in minutes.

  • Test patient on first visit
  • Staff members perform test
  • Result in 10 minutes
  • High precision, sensitivity, specificity at 5mIU/L
  • Established CPT Code 84443 QW
  • Reimbursement $23.47
  • Store at room temperature
  • 20 tests per box

About ThyroChek

ThyroChek, developed by doctors, tests for elevated thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in whole blood. Elevated TSH is the first clinical indicator of hypothyroidism.

ThyroChek is a rapid immunoassay that is easy to use, cost effective and accurate. It is ideal for physician office labs, pharmacy programs and health promotion.

ThyroChek is CLIA waived and may be performed in either waived or moderately complex facilities without special staff training. ThyroChek requires one drop of blood from a finger stick or venous draw. The result is available in 10 minutes.

Two pink lines indicate a positive result - TSH level is greater than 5 mIU/L. This cut-off is the current WHO standard for the indication of hypothyroidism in adults. One pink line indicates a negative result - TSH level is less than 5mIU/L.

Includes: controlled volume pipettes, buffer and instructions.

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