Inogen One G2 Oxygen System

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  • Inogen One G2 Oxygen System
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A single system to meet all your oxygen needs.

First there was stationary. Then there was portable. Now there is the Inogen One G2, the Independent System that defines a new category of oxygen device. With the ability to perform as both a stationary and a portable device, the G2 is engineered to meet the changing demands of the oxygen industry.

  • Small — 42% smaller than the Inogen One.
  • Lightweight — only 7 lbs. with the battery.
  • Performance — delivers more oxygen 900 mls faster and at the most advantageous time for absorption.
  • Reliability — built to last 25,000 compressor hours.
  • Battery — 4 hour or 8* hour battery options.
  • Virtually Silent — operates so quietly, you hardly know it is running.

Inogen One G2 System includes

  • Concentrator
  • Carry bag
  • Universal power supply
  • 12 cell battery
  • Cart
  • Nasal cannula
  • User manual


For Patients—
The Inogen One G2 allows for a more convenient and more active life both at home and on the road.

For Providers—
The Inogen One G2 means improved business efficency.

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