uKnead Legato UK-6600 Massage Chair

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uKnead Legato UK-6600 Massage Chair

  • 48" L-Track
  • Zero Gravity
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Foot Rollers
  • Space Saver
  • LCD Remote Display
  • Plug & Play

The newly released uKnead Legato is undoubtedly the best bang for the buck within its category. The Legato is a hybrid between uKnead's Furniture Line and Therapeutic Line, apart from its full range of advanced features, its aesthetically pleasing and avant-garde capsule design allows seamless integration into modern and contemporary home designs.  This chair is perfect for those who are looking for great quality on a budget.  Fully loaded with the same features as high end luxury competitors, the Legato packs function and power well under $3000 with its comprehensive 48" SL Track roller, sleek design, shiatsu foot roller massage and lumbar heat.  The Legato features AcuRoll Body Detection which allows the SL rollers to follow the curvature of your spine perfectly and then round the glutes massaging the top of the hamstrings.  The uKnead Legato is also a space saver chair which means that it easily fits into smaller rooms and only requires 1' of clearance behind the wall.   The Legato is the perfect combination of quality, value and design.

SL-Track - uKnead Legato 48" L-TRACK
The uKnead Legato is designed with an extended L-track roller system that first follows the curvature of the spine down to the bottom where it wraps around and massages the glutes and upper hamstrings. The Legato's SL track truly gives a sensational deep tissue massage experience for the entire body, leaving you fully relaxed and rejuvenated.


The uKnead Legato features the Zero Gravity position that was first developed by NASA scientists as they strove to eliminate that spinal compression our astronauts felt as they were launched into space.  Widely regarded as "the healthiest way to sit" by physicians and chiropractors alike, the zero gravity position has become a very important advancement in the industry and something not possible to receive from your local massage therapist.  The zero gravity position allows you to enjoy "neutral spine" where there is no compression whatsoever.


Advanced Body Scanning - uKenad Legato BODY SHAPE DETECTION
Before starting a massage program, the Legato initializes body detection technology to completely personalize  your massage to your exact body type.  Developed using advanced massage robotics, this chair adapts to the human body through body shape detection using an initial body scan to locate the dimensions of the user’s shoulders, arms, hips and calves. After the scan is complete, the uKnead Legato customizes the massage program with precise attention to these details. This feature synchronizes the chair’s rollers and airbags in correspondence with the width and shape of the body to effectively eliminate tightness and knots from muscles in the neck, back and shoulder areas.


The uKnead Legato's full enclosure air massage completely engulfs the body by compression the arms, legs and feet. Shaped like a cocoon, the Legato offers a sense of primitive comfort, allowing the user to be hugged and cradled by the rhythm of air massage.


Foot Rollers - uKnead Legato FOOT ROLLERS
Do you have sore feet? Do you spend most of the day walking and standing? Give your feet the therapeutic attention they deserve with a powerful foot massage. Uniquely shaped nodes are designed specifically for foot reflexology massage. The strategically placed dynamic rollers provide just the right amount of pressure to the soles of the feet to really soothe your sore muscles.


The uKnead Legato is equipped with heat in the Lumbar region which helps to loosen muscles in order to prepare for massage and promote bloodflow to the area. Much like hot stone massage, the heat facilitates circulation and the efficacy of the massage in general.


9 Automatic Programs - uKnead Legato 9 DYNAMIC, THERAPEUTIC AUTOMATIC PROGRAMS
The 9 auto programs really help the Legato to stand apart from the competition.  Users may select from nine complex, varied and intense massage experiences with just the click of a button. The Legato offers a full body automatic mode to stimulate the body from neck to feet and bring consistent relief throughout the spine. The relief automatic program is designed to elicit the ultimate restorative experience after a hard day’s work or whenever stubborn areas of tension and soreness emerge. The therapy automatic program is configured to bring conventional therapeutic massage home with kneading, tapping, knocking, rolling and dual massage techniques that bring release to the body. The Legato’s creative yoga massage program is structured to bring alignment to the spine and refreshment to the mind by stimulating unity between the body and breath with its calculated routine. A customer favorite, the stretch program, is specially created to extend the limbs and spine horizontally to increase blood flow and encourage energy to flow throughout the body. The Legato’s flex program will promote strength and rejuvenation with high intensity air pressure massage. Most impressively, the Legato also features ‘night’, ‘air’ and ‘quick’ modes to expand the possibilities available in a massage chair!


5 Manual Massage Techniques 5 MANUAL TECHNIQUES
The Legato gives users endless options for customizable massage. Users may select from 5 manual massage techniques, kneading, knocking, tapping, rolling and dual, to personalize their experience with ease and adaptability. In addition, the width, speed and intensity of the roller system can be adjusted for a new massage every day. These features are sophisticated, diverse and easy to navigate, giving users all the control they deserve and all the simplicity they desire.


Those who suffer chronic back pain know that certain areas of recurring back pain are difficult to relieve and require direct attention on a consistent basis. Fortunately, the Legato features a targeted massage option to give users the opportunity to select a particular point or area on the back to focus the massage on. This feature is specially designed to release tension in a zone on the back that requires more direct attention. Selecting target massage allows users to take their massage experience into their own hands and achieve the release they deserve.


Space Saver - uKnead Legato SPACE SAVER (1' CLEARANCE)
Most typical massage chairs require a lot of space behind them in order to be fully functional and operational.  The uKnead Legato slides forward while it reclines in order to accommodate those with smaller spaces.  The Chair is able to sit just 1' inches away from the wall.


No Assembly rEquired - uKnead Legato PLUG & PLAY
Completely unique to uKnead massage chairs is the "Plug & Play" factor--your chair will arrive completely assembled. Simply remove it from the box and plug it into the nearest outlet.  Gone are the days of fumbling over a confusing owner's manual--and the need for white glove delivery unless you need your chair carried up to a second or third floor!





Year 1:  parts + labor



Year 1-3:  Mechanical Parts and Metal Structural Framework

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