AeroEclipse® Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer (R BAN)

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AeroEclipse® Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer (R BAN) by Monaghan

Breath Actuated Technology at Home

Hospital Technology Available for Home
The AeroEclipse® R BAN's breath actuated technology available in hospitals is now available in a reusable version for the home.  The AeroEclipse® R BAN creates aerosol in response to the patient's inspiratory maneuver.  The patented AeroControl® System Regulator enhances actuation sensitivity to only 15 liters per minute so even the smallest effort can create aerosol on demand. 

Designed with the Patient in Mind
The AeroEclipse® R BAN is intended for use by patients requiring at-home aerosol treatments as prescribed by a physician or healthcare professional.

  • can be used in breath actuated or continuous mode
  • has a green feedback button to visually inform patient of correct technique
  • consists of only three parts for easy assembly
  • ergonomic, clear body and milliliter markings assist with proper measurement of medication
  • approved for 6-month use
  • top shelf dishwasher safe

High Respirable Dose
Respirable dose is the measurement that counts.  It is the part of the medical aerosol, between 1 and 4.8 microns, that is available to the patient.*  Due to breath actuated technology the AeroEclipse® R BAN is able to deliver high, effective respirable dose to your patients.

Of course it's from Monaghan.™

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