Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Extra, Single-Use Safety Lancets - OM-AT1014

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  • Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Lancets
  • Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Lancets - 200/box
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Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Extra, single-use safety lancets, 21G

200/box - Extra Style Orange - Model OM-AT1014 - Unistik 3 Lancets are safe, simple to use and virtually pain free. The unique Comfort Zone Technology masks the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet, providing the user with a more comfortable blood sampling experience while providing adequate blood flow for all testing needs.

Unistik 3 Extra– 21G x 2.0mm is designed for high flow blood glucose testing, cholesterol, HGB, PT/INR and other like tests.

  • Unistik 3 single-use lancets are safe, simple and virtually pain-free.
  • Lancet is pre-set and does not require any cocking procedure. Just twist off the protective sterile cap and use. The needle point is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid accidental needle stick injuries and cross-infection. 
  • Suitable for slightly tougher skin.


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